Stay tuned to this section as we will keep you posted about all of the upcoming events from the workshop series, to pop-up stalls and appearances around York to possible activities and other events as we explore all things watery in York!

‘Valuing our beck’ series – Walks and volunteer sessions

The Osbaldwick beck is going through some changes as it undergoes restoration. But restored to what conditions? Can you remember the beck looking any different to how it does today? As the beck is restored, we might also ask who is it being restored for? Are the benefits for humans alone? What are the possibilities for new connections between people, wildlife and water?

Join Seb, from the University of Leeds, and Jonathan, from St. Nicks, for a walk along the Osbaldwick beck to hear updates on the progress of the restoration project to date and what the possibilities might be for the beck in the future. This is where we want to hear from you, the local community, in understanding from you what matters about this beck? What do you use the space for? What species or habitats do you notice that also share the beck with you? How might we understand the beck to want to shape its own course without being impeded?

In coming along and having your say you will help shape the future restoration plans as well as find out more about how you can get involved with the project over this summer. This will be a great opportunity to get to know your local beck more and all its inhabitants, from animals to plants, big and small.

The first set of walks will be held on Tuesday 11th May which you can book a space on to here and then we will be holding the same event again on Saturday 15th May; which you can book your space on to here.

‘Flooding the Field’ Series

Mapping interdisciplinary approaches to flood research

The purpose of this series of talks is to open up our network and create a wider community of researchers with an interest in fluvial and coastal flooding. The focus of each of the sessions will be to discuss both tensions and synergies between disciplines with the aim of understanding how interdisciplinarity can help us to think differently about practicing flood research in the future.

In the fourth and final week, 18th March 2021, we welcome participants to join us for an interactive mapping session that explores both the tensions and the synergies that will have surfaced over the series and beyond. It is our hope that this mapping exercise will highlight how we might collaborate as interdisciplinary flood researchers in the future.

York Environment Week

As part of York Environment Week , I will host an event that looks to introduce and explore the possibilities of doing flood risk management a bit differently. The aim is to introduce the audience to some of the concepts of environmental valuation and particularly non-monetary valuation and social values. The event will invite participants to reflect and share their own values towards or in relation to the rivers in York. In doing so, we might begin to move conversations around how our rivers are managed towards a practice of imagining how we might live with water differently in the future.

You can book tickets for the event here.