My Castle Gateway and My Future York

A series of video links and blog posts from the My Castle Gateway and Future of York past events that have prompted discussions of York’s relationship with its rivers.

MFY – The ‘whole city came together’

This My Future York blog post accounts a conversation recalling the 2015 boxing day floods and the particular experiences of York’s Gypsy and Traveller community. It talks of the way in which communities worked together and rallied around to support each other.

MCG – Improving access to rivers

My Castle Gateway pop up event raised questions of how we can improve the safety of our rivers, which included the idea of improving access to the rivers!

MCG – Swimming in our rivers

A short video taken from one of the My Castle Gateway pop-up events in which people began to talk about how they value swimming in the rivers in York!

MCG – The future of the Foss

Mark Galdwin from the River Foss Society talks about the future uses of the river Foss.

MCG – River Foss walk & cycle path

How do we better integrate the city centre with the river Foss and ways of getting around the city? Ideas were raised about improving the river Foss walk as well as cycle paths. Creating better space for rivers and people.